Conquest Dad & Son Night

By Todd Brechbill

DadNSon Nite - Soccer with Fr. Thomas - F&S group

Fathers and their sons got together for a night of fun October 4th.  The Conquest Milton, Ontario group organized a special event for new and old members and dads to meet, bond, have fun and learn what the Conquest program was all about.  Marvin Duarte, the Conquest leader said that there were 30 dads and 35 boys in attendance.  The event was held at a Conquest dad’s 4 acre home and property in the countryside near Milton. Father Thomas Murphy joined the event to give a talk to the men about getting involved in Conquest with their sons. He was excited to meet many new dads of newly joined members.


DadNSon Nite - Archery - Junior“The event was a huge success due to a strong commitment from the host Michael Hoffbauer.” said Duarte.  “A lot of detailed planning and hard work went into this event and inviting the dads to attend, and in the end it was the key to the overall success.”  Some of the activities included an outdoor BBQ, soccer, basketball, archery, shooting, and a campfire with music.  Hot chocolate was available for all.

DadNSon Nite - campfire