YouCat #499

001CQ YOUCATFriendship with God is based on prayer and it is all about getting to know God and letting HIM become a real part of your daily life. It is about talking to Christ, your friend. You can pray anywhere, anytime… If you find it hard to know what to talk to Christ about, you can warm up your heart by saying prayers that the Church and Christ himself taught us. Christ is always ready to receive you. We need to make every moment a moment of prayer and visit him when we can in the Eucharist. God always listens and responds even if we may not be aware of his response We need to pray. The majority of Christians admit to not having enough time to pray. Other people do not pray because they don’t feel they need to. But we do need to pray because we need God’s grace . Prayer is as essential as breathing. We can’t have friendship or a relationship with God if we do not speak with him or listen to him. Sometimes we get bored in prayer because we focus on our problems or ourselves, which all day we are thinking about. Other times, we get so caught up in the business of life that we need to just stop and think about what God is doing with our lives.  The Youcat number of the month is all about prayer. # 499 When should a person pray? From the earliest times Christians have prayed at least in the morning, at meals, and in the evening. Someone who does not pray regularly will soon not pray at all. Anyone who truly seeks God will keep sending him signals of his longing for his company and friendship.