YOCAT #330

People are mean, entitled  and lack kindness when they think they are better than other people.   The YOUCAT # of the month for Conquest & Challenge speaks about how every human being is equally loved by God and should be treated with respect, love and kindness.  #330: To what extent are all men equal in God’s sight? All men are equal in God’s sight insofar as all have the same Creator, all were created in the same image of God with a rational soul, and all have the same Redeemer. Every person possesses the same dignity and same human rights.YOUCATOct

Pope Francis speaks often about loving our neighbor and being examples of Christian kindness. The most extreme expression of kindness is forgiveness, especially when you have been wronged. “From the cross, Christ teaches us to love even those who do not love us.”

This month, let’s try a few of those random acts of kindness that we hear about. Let’s be kind to people who do not expect it and if necessary to those who have hurt us.