Friendship as a Virtue?


The virtue of the month for June is friendship. It may not be common to think of friendship as a virtue  because virtues are habits or ways of being that we acquire with hard work and effort. But just think of how many times in the day you have opportunities to be a better friend or to show kindness to people in your life… Friendship and love are two virtues that you always need to put into practice in some way or another. Jesus showed us what true Christian friendship is. He said to his apostles, “I no longer call you servants, but I call you friends.” He chose to spread the Good News and build up the Church by first calling the 12 apostles, who became his closest friends. Jesus really does show us the true definition of friendship by his words and actions in the gospel. So if Jesus was able to be a true friend to his apostles when he was here on earth, why do some people find it hard to believe that you can truly have a friendship with God now through prayer and living a life of grace? It’s the same Jesus in the Eucharist who performed the miracles on those in need, who listened to his friends in their time of need and who forgave his apostles when they abandoned him.





The YOUCAT # of the month for Conquest and Challenge speaks a bit this friendship with God, which is a two way street. God wants us to be close to him, but we also need to make an effort to communicate with him. It does not make sense to say you are friends with someone that you never speak with.   That is why prayer is the gateway to this friendship with God. Prayer has many of the same characteristics as when you talk to a friend: listening, understanding, or simply just being together. YOUCAT #20  How can we respond to God when he speaks to us? To respond to God means to believe him. Anyone who wants to believe needs a heart that is ready to listen.