GenerosityThe virtue of the month for February in Challenge & Conquest is generosity. Generosity is a virtue where you give of your self or your things without looking for anything in return. The funny thing about generosity is that it comes from the heart so it is not how big the gift is that matters,  but rather the value it has to the person who gave it. Generosity does not need to be in money or things. You can be generous with your time or attention too and sometimes that is even more difficult.  Generosity also depends on who you are giving to. Giving 25 cents to a complete stranger who is a beggar may be generous, but giving 25 cents to your brother when he asks you for $1 is not generous. Pope Francis speaks often about the importance of being generous as a Christian. He said, “Christians know how to give. Their lives are filled with generous acts – often hidden – towards their neighbor.”

God gave us everything we have and we should be completely generous with him. The YOUCAT # of the month for Challenge and Conquest speaks about how God is generous with us through his grace. #338: What is grace? By grace we mean God’s free, loving gift to us, his helping goodness, the vitality that comes from him. Grace is everything God grants us, without our deserving it in the least. Grace is not a thing, but rather God’s communication of himself to men. In grace we are in God.