For I was hungry and you gave me food

By Kelly Luttinen

CQ33-1In a city where the homeless population has been estimated at 7,000 – 10,000 people, a group of students from nearby Canyon Heights Academy tried to alleviate some of their suffering.

Ten boys from the local Conquest group joined the Missionaries of Charity in February to feed the homeless in San Francisco. The activity was organized by Br. Emilio Mitre LC and Br. Kevin Gillis LC, with the help of some of the boys’ parents.

The group arrived to the Missionary of Charity residence, where they helped prepare the food and load the vans. Before beginning their work, the boys made a quick visit to Jesus in the tabernacle, where they entrusted their work and all the people they were going to meet to the Lord.

“The sisters were not expecting such an enthused group of young kids who energetically helped get things ready very quickly,” said Br. Emilio. “We prepared the boys

The group “set up shop” at a corner of city park and waited, and those in need of assistance arrived punctually at 3:00 encouraging them in advance to treat their homeless guests with dignity, and to look at them in the eyes and strike a conversation, to let them know that they cared about them.”CQ33-2

Prior to beginning the meal, one of the sisters lead a reflection about God’s love and providential care, and then the group prayed a decade of the Rosary and blessed God for the meal, Then the guests lined up to receive their food.

The boys helped distribute the pastries, desserts and drinks. One of the boys came up with the idea to give the people in the line their drinks while they waited.

Br. Emilio said, “Toward the end of our time there, a homeless man came to me and said ‘Thank you for bringing the kids.

When food was gone, the boys helped the sisters clean up and parted ways.It made this day very special.’ Another lady decided to sing some blues for us, and she was pretty good!”