Conquest prepares parish for Holy Week Triduum


Omaha3The Conquest club in Omaha, NE has an annual apostolic project that the parish counts on the boys for help, to prepare the Church for the Holy Week Triduum.  The Conquest leaders, Jerry and Sara Venner, encouraged all parents and families to come and participate, along with bringing cleaning supplies such as rags, buckets, and paint scrapers.  A few families provided the snacks for the opening of the evening where they met in the dining hall of the parish.  They headed to the worship space, where families were each assigned a few rows of pews.  Sara Venner said “As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. The ambition and teamwork was impressive and involved both Conquest and Challenge kids.”  It is hard to balance out events like this during the crazy sports season in the Midwest, but many generous families participated.  “There was so much to clean, but the church really looked and smelled wonderful at the end!”Omaha2