Conquest & Challenge Help Special Olympics



Conquest and Challenge members in Milton, Ontario Canada volunteered to help the local Special Olympics 2016, which were held at Craig Kielburger school in Milton on November 5th.  Several Conquest and Challenge members led by Challenge leader Daniella Ponce had fun along with a great learning experience.  They communicated with the players, and talked with them and the teams about why they love sports.  Every one of the Special Olympic participants were enthusiastic and very cheerful throughout the whole tournament which brought a smile to everyone’s face, even the volunteers felt inspired.  One of the Conquest members stated “We were all extremely motivated and enamored by the talent each one of these players showed, along with the dedication and all the hard work.”  Throughout the tournament, the Conquest and Challenge members helped raise awareness by selling tickets for a good cause.  In total, they raised 900 dollars!  They had a truly unique experience, of going to give, but ending up receiving!