Conquest & Challenge Adult Leader Formation Day

Story by Br. Luke Gill, LC

Can Train2An adult leader formation day was held for men and women involved in Conquest and Challenge clubs in the region of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Twenty three leaders representing the ten Conquest/Challenge clubs were able to make it out for the event. It was inspiring to see the zeal and enthusiasm of these committed adult leaders. After a quick welcome with Tim Horton’s donuts and coffee– the preferred way to begin the day for every Canadian– Fr. Thomas Murphy LC kicked off the morning by sharing the overall vision of the youth work in the area. Marvin Duarte then led a presentation “How to Build a Club” bringing together many of the elements needed for a club to be successful. His presentation was based on the experience he has gained over many years working with the Conquest club in Milton. He highly stressed how important it is that Conquest and Challenge not be reduced to a drop-off-and-go activity. The parents need to be engaged in the club’s leadership/volunteer team. Without this active involvement from the parents, a club cannot reach its full potential.

For the remainder of the formation day, everyone broke into their respective clubs to discuss and apply to their particular circumstances what had been presented. The group also spent some time in Eucharistic adoration, placing the new year of club activities in the Lord’s hands. Of course, there was social time as well and a fantastic catered Italian lunch!