Building Conquest Shields

By Todd Brechbill



The Conquest Junior Leadership Program at St. Timothy’s Parish in Chantilly, VA completed a fun dynamic activity this winter during their last campaign of the year.  Len Rice, Conquest leader said it only took about 15 minutes per meeting, over a course of 5 meetings.  “The boys were very enthusiastic and learned basic woodworking skills-assembly, use of a screwdriver, wood glue, paint brush, etc.” said Rice.  There were 12 Junior Program members involved with their dads.  This activity helped to reinforce their appreciation of the Conquest shield.  “We precut the parts of the shield and predrilled the holes for assembly.  Once assembled, we sprayed a base coat of white primer  and then had the boys paint the colored parts at a meeting. They all had a fun time, and were able to take home their Conquest shields.