Visiting the Elderly

By Fr. Michael Picard, LC


Visiting and caring the elderly. Taking seriously Pope Francis’ words: “The future of a people necessarily supposes an encounter: the young give the strength which enable a people to move forward, while the elderly consolidate this strength by their memory and their traditional wisdom.”

The Conquest Highlands Group in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX recently visited a local nursing home, Sandy Springs rehabilitation Center, for their apostolic service project.  They spent time visiting the elderly there and playing bingo with them on November 12th.  There were 16 boys helping out.  Most Nursing homes are always happy to have young boys come and help lead the senior residence in games.  Its easy to do and the people just love seeing such good young guys around, it gives them hope and fills them with joy.  DFWnursinghome6

The boys can learn a lot from these experiences that Conquest helps to provide.  This is part of the methodology that drives Conquest – powered by ECyD (Experiences, Convictions and your Decisions).