00june virtue cqThe virtue of the month for Conquest and Challenge in June is responsibility. Responsibility is a very important Christian virtue. From the beginning of time and throughout the bible, we see great examples of God entrusting people with great responsibilities and they rose up and fulfilled them – Adam and Eve, Noah , Abraham, Moses, Mary, Joseph. Everyone plays a role in God’s plan  of salvation and for that reason we need to be responsible for our actions and lives. The apostles had a very responsibility to transmit and spread the good news after Jesus’ resurrection. Throughout history we can see the virtue of Christian responsibility in practice with the actions of different Popes, Kings and saints who took on themselves the mission to help others and fulfill their duties in the best way possible. They are the people we remember in history as having changed the world.

For us, we don’t have to look far to figure out how we can learn to be responsible people.   God has given the children responsibilities and parents responsibilities. Family life is a great place to learn to be a responsible person who can really fulfill their duties.  It is also a great place to learn to be responsible for your actions – the good and the bad. Society is all about accountability and responsibility. It’s a very important value and principle that people are expected to live by personally, at work and at home. Jesus spoke about responsibility many times in the bible. He spoke about being accountable and responsible for your actions ( or sins…thus confession). He spoke to us about responsible for your neighbors well being and lending a hand. Responsibility and charity go hand in hand for a true follower of Christ. Jesus saw saving mankind as his responsibility. The opposite of responsibility is carelessness, which essentially means you don’t care. Irresponsibility is a selfish trait that really shows a lack of concern for the world or people around us. To follow Christ, means to pick up our cross and set out behind him to fulfill our God given mission responsibly.