Priest Runs Marathon to Raise Funds for new Conquest and Challenge Programs at Parish!

Fr Alex Mijangos really wants to start Conquest and Challenge at Sacred Heart parish in Calgary, Canada this fall, at all costs!  He decided to run a marathon to raise funds to accomplish this.  His goal was to raise $2000 to cover the costs of the program, as well as to purchase necessary equipment such as dodgeballs for the boys (a must have) and arts and craft materials for the girls.  He promoted via Facebook and set out early on Sunday May 27th to participate in the ScotiaBank Calgary 42K Marathon.

He not only successfully completed the marathon, he also reached his goal and was able to fundraise the $2000 as well!  After the race, he sent out an Instagram with his picture and time, with a quote as the title:

“I have finished the race” (2 TIM 4-7)  

Congratulations to Fr Alex for creatively thinking outside of the box to make Conquest and Challenge happen!  His display of the virtue of courage to take on this fundraiser, and perseverance in finishing the race is an example for us all!