Oct Virtue CQ

The virtue of the month for Challenge and Conquest in October is mercy. Mercy is the willingness to help anyone in need, especially those in need of pardon or forgiveness. Justice  calls  us all  to assume responsibility for our actions.  Mercy and compassion go beyond the issue of who is responsible.  Mercy is simply love’s response to suffering. When we see someone who is suffering, we show them compassion.  The greatest form of suffering is to not know God or his love. That is why there are spiritual works of mercy to help people get close to God. God is the Father of Mercy and compassion. Jesus was an example of mercy here on earth.  He is our example of a merciful heart. We sin and offend him in little and big things and he forgives us. His mercy comes from his love for us. If we want to be merciful to other people, then we need to look at them with love and see their needs. Pope Francis has spoken a great deal about mercy over the past year. His message to all Catholics is clear ” We Christians are called to go out of ourselves to bring the mercy and tenderness of God to all.”