March Break at Sacred Heart, a Trip Full of God’s Blessings

Story by: Br. Luke Gill, LC

SH-Can-grp3This spring break (or March Break as it is called up here in Canada), twenty-two boys and two dads from Conquest in the greater Ontario region accompanied Fr Pierre Caouette, Br Patrick Giguere and Br Luke Gill to Sacred Heart Apostolic School in Rolling Prairie, Indiana for a week of fun and human and spiritual growth.


The theme of the trip was taken from the story of Joshua, the great Old Testament warrior. The boys broke up into teams that were competing in various areas throughout the week to see which squad would win the honor of becoming the most elite force of Joshua’s army.

The activities included an outing to the Warren Dunes on Lake Michigan.   The also boys competed in lots of other activities ranging from soccer games, to laser tag, to mini golf, to dodge ball, to capture the flag, to catechism battleship. The competition was hard fought throughout the week, but the Sentinels of the Spirit came out on top. SH-can-grp-Dunes


In addition to the competitions, the boys also received faith formation each day during mass, meditations, Gospel reflections, the rosary and other moments of prayer and reflection.  In these moments Fr Pierre, the brothers and the dads helped the boys to see that the spiritual life is a battle, a battle that we will undoubtedly win as long as we have our best Friend, Christ, fighting by our side.


During the Eucharistic Hour on the last night of the camp, many of the campers chose to make or renew their ECYD Pledge of Friendship to Jesus Christ. Seven boys made the pledge for the first time. They made the commitment to take concrete steps to be a better friend of Christ and to build a better world.



God be praised for a week so full of friendship, fun and spiritual growth!