Egg Drop

By Todd Brechbill

Egg drop


What is an egg drop?  It is an annual Father & Son and Junior Programs awards night event where the boys are invited to bring their dad, grandpa, uncle, or older brother to compete in the Conquest Holy Rosary Parish Group in St. Mary’s, OH . The goal of the drop is to get the dads engaged, expose them to the Conquest program, and have fun. Doug Mielke, the Conquest leader said “The boys/dad teams are given a limited number of supplies (this varies from year to year) and an uncooked egg. The goal is to see what team can drop their egg from the highest height without it breaking.  They are then given a period of time to use the supplies to be creative to protect their egg. They are encouraged to come up with a name for their egg as well.


Egg drop atomicWhen all are done, we drop the eggs starting at lower heights and progressing up until we have the last egg standing.” That is not the only annual event for their awards night. He also stated “We usually have time for a rather large game of dad vs. son dodge-ball at the end of the event. One great story from a few years ago … at the end of the annual egg drop the dads faced the boys in dodgeball. The boys were getting slaughtered by the dads. They looked doomed. Then, out of no where, came the older middle and high school Conquest boys running into the gym from the hall. They nailed the dads and saved the game for the younger boys.”  The egg drop is a great and fun activity that you can find in the Father & Son and Junior campaign guidebooks under dynamic activities this coming fall.