Conquest group joins Mercy Missions in Dallas

20180210_121951A cold day in Dallas, but many homeless hearts were warmed with some good hot food and warm Christian Charity.  The Highlands school 8th Grade Conquest team, who are all active ECYD members, joined the Regnum Christi young adults in a Mercy Mission.  Mercy missions are an established Regnum Christi apostolate here in Dallas reaching out and helping the homeless.  Saturday Feb. 10th the team of boys helped with gathering some snacks and drinks to accompany a meal to be served in a parking lot.  We pulled in, set up some tables, said a blessing for those present and began to serve people in the streets.  Roughly 50 people came by for some food and some stayed around for fellowship.  The Conquest team got to see people who suffer with nothing yet so courteous, grateful, and full of faith.  Each one took great joy in receiving a bible verse of the day prepared by the boys.  On Man gave his gratitude by singing for 30 minutes for the boys.  The afternoon was something very simple but brought forth such great meaning. 20180210_131700