Bringing Christmas Joy

Story by: Jerry and Sara Venner

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The Conquest Omaha, NE Christmas apostolic project was attended by 75 Conquest families (boys, parents, siblings included) to bring joy to the assisted living residents at the Country Memory Care facility.  Since the facility is smaller and the residents are more sensitive to noise, etc, we divided our large group into two shifts.  One attended from 6:30pm-7:15pm and the 2nd shift came from 7:15-8pm.   We proceeded to be led by the Program directory to the residents hall where the boys and parents joined in unison singing many joyful Christmas songs.  We used small hand held instruments as well as some boys took turns playing the piano.  The residents were very happy by all the kids presence (we were not allowed to take pix of the residents.)


After the performance, we led the families back to the community room to decorate a Colors of faith Christmas tree and the kids were given the option to hand these back to the residents to hang on their tree or take home.   We then had a snack donated by a Conquest family and lemonade provided by the facility.   One of our Conquest team leaders then read the Christmas story from the Bible so that we could learn all about the birth of Jesus.  This apostolic project was a joy filled and fun event for all involved!  The Conquest boys learned that many times in giving, you also unexpectedly receive.