40 Days for Life

40daysforlife By Todd Brechbill

The Conquest Green Bay, WI group participated in a 40 Days for Life Campaign on March 13th. Since it was Lent, the Conquest boys decided as a team to sacrifice and forgo a fun awards day planned that evening, and decided to join the prayerful walk/demonstration that took place in front of Planned Parenthood.  David Parker, the Conquest groups leader shared that the mood was very prayerful as the boys and their families recited all 20 mysteries of the rosary and finished with a prayer for the Holy Father to meet the requirements for a plenary indulgence.  “Lots of souls were lifted out of purgatory that night” said David.  “The boys were supported by many cars honking but they also felt the rejection of apostolic work as many yelled obscenities as we prayed.” Jim Ball, the local 40 Days for Life Director, was thrilled by the picture of the boys and families witness to Life. “It was quite a sight to see 34 of us walking up and down the sidewalks at rush hour on a Friday night in Green Bay.” This is what Conquest is all about – in the symbolism in our logo / crest is a lion in a fighting stance symbolizing courage, members ready to take on the world for Christ!