Venerable Carlos Acutis

Saint of the Month:

February 2020

In October of 2006, Carlo Acutis was 15 years old and was fading fast from leukemia.   He was from Milan, Italy and touched family members and friends with his witness of offering the sufferings of his illness for the Church and the Pope.  There is a book written on his life called “The Eucharist: My Road to Heaven: A Biography of Carlo Acutis”. Carlo was said to be a normal teen. He tried hard in school, with his friends, and he loved sports. At the same time he was a great friend of Jesus Christ, he was a daily communicant and he trusted in the Virgin Mary.   As a little boy, especially after his First Communion, he never missed his daily appointment with the Holy Mass and the Rosary, followed by a moment of Eucharistic adoration.  He had an intense spiritual life. Carlo has fully and generously lived his fifteen years of life, leaving a profound impact on those who knew him.  He was an expert with computers, he read books on computer engineering and left everyone in awe, but he put his gift at the service of others and used it to help his friends. He was interested in everyone including those who were poor or disabled. He was diagnosed with leukemia and did not have much chance of recovery. When the doctor that was treating him asked him if he was suffering a lot, Carlo answered: ‘There are people who suffer much more than me!”  He died from leukemia when he was only 15 years old. He was declared venerable by the Church for his heroic virtues in 2018.