For Boys in Kindergarten to 2nd Grade


The Conquest Father and Son Leadership Program is a weekly virtue based program ran by dads and youth leaders. The Father Son Program has its own unique Conquest materials for this age group. This includes Curriculum,  t-shirts, bags, & commitment cards specifically designed for the younger age group.

The 5-7 age range is an ideal time to introduce boys to the concept of leadership. They are extremely impressionable and curious when it comes to understanding what it means to be a man. Interaction with solid, virtuous examples of adolescents, young adults, and dads gives the boys a wonderful opportunity to fulfill such a quest. By means of mentoring, the boys are guided through the age-appropriate development of virtues such as respect, self-discipline, and obedience all while developing their faith and leadership skills.


Conquest Father & Son Program Curriculum


The Conquest Father & Son Leadership Program  curriculum helps the boys learn about virtue, leadership and about their Catholic faith in a fun way. Each year the curriculum changes and we focus on five new virtues and saints, making up the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 curriculum.  Each virtue campaign also includes virtue stickers that the boys can add to their commitment cards. There are coloring pages that you can print and send home. The programs have point tracker booklets and point chips as well.  

Download the Table of Contents in the Series 2 the Adult Leader Guidebook


The 2018-19 Series 2 Father & Son Leadership Program  focuses on five important virtues and five corresponding saints to teach the boys virtue and leadership.  Each virtue campaign is six weeks long. The virtues are OBEDIENCE, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, SELF-CONTROL, and COMPASSION.  

Download a 1 week sample of this series


Conquest Father & Son Weekly Activity


Conquest Father & Son
Adult Leader Kit


The Conquest Father Son Adult Leader Kit for 2018-19 contains all  the elements that the adult leader needs to run Conquest Father Son effectively. The most important item in this kit is the 200 page Conquest Father Son Leader Curriculum Guide with the weekly activities. The Leader kit also includes Conquest Father Son USB with hundreds of resources, Five Pack of Point Tracker Booklets, 20 Pack of the New Conquest Fr Son Brochures, 30 Pack of the Conquest Fr Son Commitment Cards, New 100 Pack Virtue Stickers with 20 stickers of each of the 5 virtues, Conquest Calendar and Prayer Book, Conquest Dog Tag and Pen, Conquest Red Duffle Bag and New Conquest Cotton Embroidered Baseball Cap.  The Conquest Adult Leader T shirts are sold separately and available in Adult sizes.


Conquest Father & Son
Member Kit


The Conquest Father Son Member Kit for 2018-19 includes the Conquest Father Son White Drawstring Backpack, the 201819 Conquest Saint and Virtue Calendar, Conquest Prayer Book, Conquest Heart of a Warrior Dog Tag , Conquest Pen, and new Conquest Cotton Embroidered Baseball Cap. The Conquest Father Son T shirts are sold separately and available in Youth and Adult sizes.


How to Get the Conquest Father and Son Program Started


If you have a Conquest Club Annual Membership for 2018-19, its very simple. Just go online to the Conquest online store and purchase the Conquest Father Son material. If you do not have a Conquest club and are just starting, you will need to visit the Mission Network website to purchase your annual membership and you will receive an email with access to the online store, coupons for free Conquest Father Son items and instructions.

Visit our Conquest Father Son Online Store or Conquest Registration Site to get started.


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